‘Friends’ – La Petite Issue #6

It’s been awhile since my last blog post and I am feeling pretty guilty about it but will try and be better. The last couple of months have been pretty crazy. I photographed both Zendaya and Bella’s birthday parties (Disney’s “Shake It Up”)  and Cody Simpson’s record release party for Tiger Beat and Bop magazines, I did another photo shoot with Booboo Stewart (Twilight Breaking Dawn – he plays Seth Clearwater and you might remember him from my FRAMED Show episode which I have yet to blog about … I am so bad!) for a couple posters that will be in stores soon, shot a couple of editorials for La Petite (which you see here) and one that will be in the Babiekins Feb Issue – wait to you see that one … I am IN LOVE with that shoot), I was an exhibitor at ActorFestLA this past weekend (met so many wonderful actors), lots of headshot sessions and have done photo shoots with Bella Thorne and Katherine McNamara which I still need to edit…WHEW!

I am excited to share the ‘Friends’ editorial that is in the current issue of La Petite magazine  #6  (you can find the spread beginning page 138 or just check it out here). The entire magazine is worth viewing and has incredible photography of the most adorable children, really great fashion and design ideas throughout and hey! it’s free for your viewing pleasure. Just want to thank all the kiddos (Ronin, Max, Mia and Roxy) and their parents for taking part in this shoot. They all did a fantastic job and although this was the first time any of them had met, they sure did get along like old friends.

I also want to mention the fabulous companies who took part in this shoot: MeMini by Kristine Vikse, KicoKids, HuttelihutMormor.nu , the traditional red poppy cap by thelittlemarket on etsy and  the vintage blue velvet Heidi dress by  Odelette on etsy.

I had originally wanted to do a shoot in a location with a lot of gorgeous green mountains but living in southern California, you won’t see a whole lot of that this time of year…lots of brown everywhere you look so we did the best we could with what we had. The ladderhosen and hat actually belong to my brother (we lived in Germany for a few years when we were children) and the hiking stick was mine (all the medals on it from the many volksmarches we did). Oh and the boys had a fabulous time karate chopping all of those sticks too!


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