L.A. Parent Magazine – January 2014

My January 2014 cover for L.A. Parent featuring model, Jack Wald (represented by Zuri model and talent) in his Lacrosse uniform! Go, Dragons!

I first met Jack at the L.A. Parent ‘Shooting Star’ cover contest event at the Westfield Mall a few months ago. I was there along with 3 other photographers, photographing all the kids who wanted a chance to win one of 3 covers. Hundreds of kids were photographed that day; I actually wasn’t the photographer who photographed Jack BUT I did notice how charismatic he is. I approached his mom about getting Jack into acting and print modeling. We ended up doing a photo shoot for his headshot and comp card a few weeks later, and with the photos we took, he was able to meet and sign with one of the top kids talent agencies here in Los Angeles. Not only that, he won one of the 3 covers (the cover I photographed here). He is a natural and I am really excited to see all the amazing things he will do this year.


L.A. Parent January 2014 Cover by Rena Durham

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2013 Retrospective

2013 has definitely been a year of travel and trying new things. I started off the year speaking at PPA 2013 Photo conference in Atlanta, Georgia, where I also did some photo sessions. I did a master class at WPPI in Las Vegas in March. Next stop was Dallas, Texas with hair/make-up artist, Samantha Ward for a weekend of headshot and comp card photo shoots (and a stop at Velvet Taco which has amazing tacos!). New York City was the highlight of the year. I had always dreamt about visiting the Big Apple, and am so grateful that I was able to not only once, but three times this year. I was able to explore the city and do amazing photo sessions with so many talented kids and teens while I was there.  The first 2 trips I worked with hair/make-up artist, Jenna Baltes, who flew in from Chicago for sessions and the third trip, hair/mu artist Yvelissa Munoz. We had a blast! I did sessions in San Diego and San Francisco. I brought my family along to Orlando, Florida in August (we had a ton of fun visiting Walt Disney World) and the sessions were extremely hot and humid but lots of fun. I worked with hair/mu artist, Whitney Parker. LA Photopalooza events with hair/mu artist, Vio Meyners, here in Los Angeles. October was Chicago. Photo shoots for Thrifty Hunter magazine, the MOD Child and LA Parent Magazine and commercial shoot for Sugarcane Toddler clothing line. I was able to meet and work with so many amazing babies, kids, teens and young adults.

I’m not sure what 2014 has in store for me but am grateful for the adventures I was able to be a part of this year!



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michelle c. - January 15, 2014 - 10:17 am

THANK YOU for being a speaker at WPPI last year. I attended your master class, and am STILL inspired by it. Last year was a year of inspiration/discovery for me, and this year I hope to put all that I’ve learned into PRACTICE… I’d love to break into the commercial/editorial scene. And honestly, your master class was the PERFECT way to light my fire and get me started thinking more in this direction. I hope our paths cross again in the future sometime. : )

Breast Cancer Awareness for Thrifty Hunter Magazine

I had the pleasure of photographing Thea Andrews, celebrity host of ‘omg! insider” for one of 3 October issues of Thrifty Hunter magazine. The spread was for Breast Cancer Awareness and featured Thea wearing some really fun vintage outfits in pink. You can check out the entire issue here.


Thea Andrews Photographed by Rena Durham for Thrifty Hunter Magazine

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